The original Trenton Station dates back to the early 1800's, when the left and older side of the building operated as a feed mill owned by the local Dr. Slocum. The right side, added on in the 1840's, was a cheese factory from South Trenton. Owning a feed mill, Slocum was able to purchase molasses without arousing suspicion - as molasses was a primary ingredient for making bootleg and the USA was under Prohibition. Even today, under the Trenton Station office, there remains an old still.

Dr. Slocum also owned the adjacent land and farm across the railroad tracks, and it was in the building that the renowned Slocum-Dixon Medical Center began, financed with bootleg money. Locals Merk Prichard, Merley Payne, and Bob and John Collins can remember big black cars driving up from Utica to exchange envelopes of money and pick up bootleg.

Though the bootleg operation was never discovered, Trenton Station took a 150 year break from liquor and was, in turns, a plumber supply, a landscaping nursery, and a merchandise stop for the passing trains. It was not until February, 2010, that the building was opened as Trenton Station Liquors & Wines, once again in the liquor business - legally this time!


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